Re-Purposed for Ventilator Production

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Autonomous Aircraft

Autonomous Aircraft

Since the December outbreak of the Covid- 19 (sars 2) in Wuhan China, the global penetration of the virus has been unstoppable.


For the last few months Coanda Aeronautical had been arranging the purchase of some sophisticated  production equipment for the  pre production of the autonomous aircraft “Phoenix“.

During the evening of the 27th of March the company was asked if it could repurpose its equipment and immediately commence production of life saving ventilators. 

It is not often that something comes along that is totally revolutionary offering ground breaking technology, not just in concept, but in style, and combined together, creates  a totally revolutionary way for  people to move from A to B Autonomously.

The TR-iXH8  began with the 2016 Vision of a Green, Efficient VTOL concept, which later introduced the creative idea of an Electric Hybrid Autonomous Aircraft VTOL with a state of the art 180Kw Turboshaft Engine with an electric alternator system that together with a 160Kw high voltage power cell creates a powerful yet efficient 340Kw electric foundation system design.