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Repurposing of pre-production facility at Little Gransden for Medical Ventilator Production.

Since the December outbreak of the Covid- 19 (sars 2) in Wuhan China, the global penetration of the virus has been unstoppable.

For the last few months Coanda Aeronautical had been arranging the purchase of some sophisticated production equipment for the pre production of the autonomous aircraft “Phoenix“.

During the evening of the 27th of March the company was asked if it could repurpose its equipment and immediately commence production of life saving ventilators.

Later during the evening discussions were held with medical, technical experts, our suppliers and our essential staff in England.


We have concluded we can produce 40 units per hour, using our existing and some addition equipment.

Our staff, suppliers, experts, and medical associates and up to an additional 150 staffers will assemble them.

The basic suggested specifications are as follows, the price will be £7,500 with an anticipated 120,000 or more to be available. 


Subject to minimum orders, air freighted.


Wide choice of Ventilation modes including CPAP,APRV, BIPAP Backup apnea ventilation.

Static compliance and resistance monitor.

Easy setting by navigation wheel knob & touch key.

Three level visual and audible alarm, with indicators describing problems.

Advanced built in electronic air oxygen mixing device.

Sensitive pressure trigger and flow trigger.

PEEP, V-F loop.

inspiratory and expiratory hold 20% to 100% O2.

Built-in inspiration and expiration flow sensor, durable and water resistant.

Integrated expiration valve, easy to be sterilized.

Flexible power supply: AC, DC rechargeable built in battery 6 hours operation.

Volume controlled (VCV) assist control.

Pressure Controlled (PCV) assist control.

Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV).


Pressure controlled breaths (P-SIMV).

Pressure Support (PSV).

Spontaneous Ventilation (SPONT).

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).




Minute volume:3~20L/min infinitely variable.

Breathing frequency: 10~40bpm infinitely variable I:E 1:1.5.

O2 concentration: 100% /60%

Safe gas pressure max:<6kpa

Gas pressure inlet: 2.7 - 6 bar (flow >50l/min) tidal Volume: 75-4000ml

Alarm sound 54db

Pneumatically driven, pneumatically controlled.


Patient type: Adult and Pediatric

Ventilation mode: IPPV

International Power supply and dual battery support 9 hours  ~hot swappable~. 

Military NATO ~ night display and silent ~




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