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Our progress towards building a reliable ventilator

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11 August 2020 at 19:19:47

Our progress towards building a reliable ventilator

Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited is working seamlessly completing important features of the ventilator COVID-19 for international usage.

A powerful cloud database and remote control were trialed these last two weeks to allow remote intervention and assistance if required by a medical specialist. To achieve this, the secure system employs the Vodaphone global network and the new satellite communications system to enable ventilator tracking, medical assistance, and updates.

The 9-hour hour battery backup plus has been tested, excelling by all tests in the laboratory as in practice.

A new display 10 inches touchscreen has been integrated into the system. The display has the options of touch screen rapid set up or utilizing the manual knobs below the screen to set oxygen percentage, breaths per minute, volume, and pressure.

This device it’s being specially designed for infants to adults completely variable with immediate presets for all ages, weights, and medical conditions.

By now the assisted ventilation and demand triggered cycles have exceeded 180 days, on batteries and power.

Some other important features, that have been created are:

- When the power is turned on via a push-button, the system self tests and is operational - providing assisted breathing almost immediately while the operator can focus on the patient and make any necessary trim adjustments as needed.

- Military NATO specification night time silent operation can be remotely controlled and also visuals are optimized for night time viewing.

- The portable emergency ventilator has oxygen mix precision control from 100% to atmospheric.

-The device is fitted with interchangeable 22mm stainless steel inlet and outlet fittings.

-Powered and non-powered (pneumatic) airflow

-Easy to read display

-Solid-state stereo sound

visual color-coded alarm lights

-Multiprocessor high-speed controller

lightweight, solid and robust

-Inlet HEPA filter with precision electronic oxygen and flow measurement

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